Tech-Enabled Services

Tech-Enabled Services

Tech-enabled services businesses that find a durable product-market fit in large market segments drive significant value from fundamentally attractive business characteristics. High operating leverage, revenue recurrence, and scalable infrastructure create excellent platforms for supporting outsourced services in almost every segment of the economy. With an abundance of capital providers in market, our tech-enabled services team works at length to ensure we connect our clients with the right networks to provide excellent partnerships that maximize long-term value.

Our areas of focus include:

Business Intelligence & Analytics

  • Reporting
  • Data Mining
  • Knowledge Management

Engagement Solutions

  • Acquisition and Relationship Management
  • Payment and Wealth Management
  • Information Management

Connected Devices

  • Environmental Conditions Monitoring
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Remote Patient Monitoring

Thought Leadership

News & Insights

Industry Reports


  • 20th Annual Food Safety Summit
    20th Annual Food Safety Summit
    7 May 2018
    10 May 2018
    Rosemont, Illinois
    Steven Harris
  • Georgia Technology Summit / TAG Top 40
    Georgia Technology Summit / TAG Top 40
    20 Mar 2018
    21 Mar 2018
    Steven Harris


Cooper Atkins has been acquired by Emerson
PMG Research has been acquired by inclinix
Nth Degree has been acquired by GenCap America
Smart Synch has been acquired by Itron

Tech-Enabled Services Team

Jeff Bailey

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Phone: (615) 800 6206

Steven Harris

Senior Vice President

Phone: (615) 800 6212
Mobile: (919) 632 1224