What our clients are saying
Trust. It’s the foundation of everything we do.

“Bailey Southwell is an amazing team that worked relentlessly on our behalf to achieve a superior outcome for our practice. The BSC team delivered on the expectations set for us early on in our process. We are very thankful for their industry expertise, professionalism, and camaraderie. With their help, we secured the future for our physicians, patients, and community for years to come. We recommend BSC with highest honors.”

Joel Pearlman

MD, PhD, Retinal Consultants

“Bailey Southwell worked with us as our partner to thoroughly evaluate all of our strategic options to fuel our next stage of growth. Their dedication to ensuring a successful outcome was exemplary. We are excited with the completed round and look forward to fully capitalizing on the unique opportunity in front of us.”

Jay Ackerman

CEO , Reveleer

“Bailey Southwell was instrumental in helping us navigate the transaction, advocating for the best possible outcome at every point during the process. Their knowledge of the IME industry and overall M&A process was invaluable. We felt confident that the Bailey Southwell team truly understood our objectives and would expertly represent us in finding the right partner.”

Don Kunkel

CEO, AssessMed Inc.

“By understanding our unique market position and desired objectives with a transaction, Bailey Southwell was able to identify EyeSouth as the right partner to enable us to continue serving the Tennessee market in the best possible manner. They also smoothly navigated all the complexities involved in advising two practices and two ASCs through a simultaneous closing.”

Dr. Stewart Galloway

Founder, Cumberland Eye Care

Restore Rehabilitation

“Bailey Southwell took the time to understand my goals for the transaction and worked with speed to orchestrate an expedited process. By leveraging their extensive knowledge of the industry, Bailey Southwell identified the significant benefits that Restore Rehabilitation would provide to a potential strategic buyer. After years of building the company, bringing in the right advisor to help lead a sale was extremely important – Bailey Southwell was my trusted partner.”

Pamela Anthony

President and CEO, Restore Rehabilitation

“Finding a strategic partner to best utilize our robust networks and exciting solutions was essential. Over the years, I have had conversations with the Bailey Southwell team as we have grown the business. I am extremely appreciative of Bailey Southwell’s efforts as we considered our strategic options and successfully found a great home for our customers and innovative solutions.”

Bob Smith

CEO, Priority Care Services

“Bailey Southwell demonstrated a deep focus and domain expertise in the space that MCN operates, understanding the ecosystem and the needs of prospective buyers. As an owner, a company sale is a once in a lifetime experience that requires guidance and experience to help us understand the process and perform many of the critical tasks needed to complete a deal, while allowing us to continue to focus on our business and customers. The Bailey Southwell team advocated for MCN’s interests from finding Mitchell as a partner to leading us through the completed transaction.”

Brian Grant

Medical Director & President, MCN

Code 3 Emergency Room Logo

“Given our differentiated strategy and rapid growth trajectory, it was critical for our advisor to find the right partner who could appreciate what is unique about Code 3. We retained BSC not only because of its industry experience and relationships, but also because they understood who we are and, more importantly, where we want to go. They provided guidance each step of the way and helped us find the ideal partner in MSCP.”

Dr. Carrie de Moor

Founder & CEO, Code 3 Emergency Partners, LLC


“We retained Bailey Southwell because of the firm’s reputation in the healthcare cost containment space. After working with the team, we know that their reputation is well earned. They are experts in the industry and the transaction process. We would recommend Bailey Southwell without reservation to anyone looking to sell their company or raise capital.”

Richard Stopek

COO, Exam Coordinators Network, Inc.


“BSC has a unique understanding of our market space. They uncovered the right opportunity to bring creative solutions for growth and service relevancy into the future. The BSC team was helpful in managing all aspects of a complex process unfamiliar to our group.”

Liz Thompson

CEO, Encore Unlimited, LLC


“As our partner, Bailey Southwell worked extensively with us to close several transactions. The Bailey Southwell professionals used creative structuring and an effective negotiating style to close these transactions successfully in our favor. Their execution and understanding of all the nuances of a transaction consistently exceed my expectations.”

Robert Frist

CEO, HealthStream


“We established a relationship with Bailey Southwell to achieve two main goals: identify a strategic alternative to increase shareholder value and establish a relationship with a buyer who could leverage the CARE Performance Assessment Suite to further the mission of providing reliable, relevant information for advancing the improvement and accountability of healthcare delivery. The attention to detail and extensive knowledge of the transaction process displayed by the Bailey Southwell professionals was essential to making this a successful transaction for our shareholders and our customer base.”

Thane Forthman

President and CEO, Comparion Medical Analytics, Inc.


“The team at Bailey Southwell didn’t just meet expectations, they exceeded them every single time. They understood who we were, what we did, and the space we worked in. Their depth of understanding of all facets of the deal was remarkable. Not only do I recommend them, I will use them when we decide to sell our other companies. These are the guys you want in your corner…period…end of story.”

Kevin Hill

CEO, Integrated Care Management

SHM “The expertise and professionalism of Bailey Southwell’s senior partnership really adds to their ability to complete complex cross-border transactions. As the CEO of an international company, with operations in the U.S. and Europe, I found there was no task too complex for them to accomplish. From deal points to estate and tax planning, their partners helped me make a number of strategic decisions when selling my company.”

Steve Antoline

CEO, Superior High Wall Miners

“Bailey Southwell’s patience, professionalism, and deep industry knowledge of the behavioral health market helped us achieve an excellent outcome. I would highly recommend the Bailey Southwell team to others.”

Lee Johnson

PhD and CEO , Casa Palmera

“Given the unique circumstances around our immediate business needs and our rapid growth trajectory, it was essential for our advisor to first help us identify the strategic alternatives that were in front of us. With the guidance of Bailey Southwell, we decided to move forward with a smart combination of debt and equity financing. They quickly identified the right partners who would work side-by-side with us to efficiently implement our growth plan. Their guidance led us to Carroll Capital and CIBC, our partners who will enable us to deliver our EVV solution to clients across the country.”

Bradley Levine

CEO and President, Tellus, LLC

“We are grateful for the sound advice we received from Bailey Southwell throughout the entire process. BSC knew our market and provided the necessary industry expertise to help us navigate the transaction, ensuring we were able to focus on running our business during the process. We would highly recommend BSC to other physicians considering selling their practice.”

Dr. Mark Kroll

Ophthalmologist, McPeak Vision Partners

“Working with the Bailey Southwell team made a typically complex process smooth and enjoyable for us. Bailey Southwell demonstrated an exceptional knowledge of our space and expertly used our unique market position to achieve a value for our business significantly exceeding our expectations..”

Tony Riccardi

President & Chief Visionary Officer, MedSource


“Identifying a buyer for my company was always dependent on what was good for our employees, our customers, and the industry. Bailey Southwell leveraged its knowledge of the market to find the right buyer and worked tirelessly to ensure not only that we achieved my goals but that the transaction was a win-win for all stakeholders.”

Lisa Hannusch

CEO, UniMed Direct, LLC


“BSC’s dedicated resources provided an exceptional level of support and expertise that guided us through the transaction process. They took the time to understand our differentiating, scalable business model and did an extraordinary job of communicating our value to the market. They led the transaction process with skill and insight, demonstrating significant transaction experience and commitment to us. By delivering the right message to the right parties, the BSC team delivered results that exceeded our goals and expectations. It was a true pleasure working with the BSC team.”

Myra Ameigh

President & CEO, Vistar Technologies Corp.


“Despite strong interest in our company from many prospective buyers, achieving final terms had been elusive. We hired BSC who outlined and implemented the entire process, including marketing materials, prospect lists, and due diligence responses. Ultimately, we received several outstanding offers to evaluate and choose from, each much better than we had formerly entertained. If you are considering selling your company, I would highly recommend Bailey Southwell.”

Phil Denniston

President & CEO, Work-Loss Data Institute, LLC


“Bailey Southwell’s ability to maximize the value of a workers’ comp / managed care firm given industry trends was essential to identifying the best way to provide an attractive exit opportunity for our shareholders and placing the Med-Eval brand in an excellent position for future growth. I would highly recommend that owners of industry firms begin a dialog with the professionals at Bailey Southwell.”

Mike Valasek

President and CEO, Med-Eval, Inc.


“After an extensive search, we engaged Bailey Southwell to identify the optimal partner for AMR to continue its growth trajectory. They were the right firm for the engagement as their knowledge of the healthcare cost containment industry was invaluable. Ultimately, Bailey Southwell identified the ideal partner, facilitated communication amongst the parties, and helped negotiate mutually beneficial terms for the transaction. The trust and partnership we developed with Bailey Southwell was essential to the success of this transaction.”

Vince Bianco

CEO, Advanced Medical Reviews, Inc.


“The Bailey Southwell team ran an extremely smooth and efficient process that allowed our management team to focus on the operations of our company while maximizing shareholder value. They worked well with our team and consistently exceeded our expectations. I hope that we will get another chance to work with the BSC team in the near future.”

Tom Collins

President and CEO, Assurance Operations Corporation


“What I especially appreciated was the sophistication of BSC’s senior partnership in executing a complex cross-border transaction. Not only did they provide excellent guidance on deal points, as one would expect, but also helped guide me through a maze of decisions on other points, such as tax and estate planning.”

Bill Mitchell

CEO, Mantis Cranes


“With the goal to expand our business, we retained the services of BSC. They helped us evaluate all viable strategic options for growing our business. Through the entire process, we could tell that BSC was focused on ensuring we met our goals. We could not be more satisfied with the results of the transaction. We have since expanded our operations under our new parent company and we continue to grow.”

Larry Burke

CEO, Byesville Aseptics

“We selected Bailey Southwell to lead this process because of their reputation in the P&C market. They appreciate the unique opportunity for Data Dimensions to drive automation in data management and were able to find a buyer that truly understands, and that can help guide, the vision of the company.”

Jon Boumstein

President & CEO, Data Dimensions

“Bailey Southwell’s knowledge of the workers’ compensation and managed care services industries is unrivaled. Their understanding of the sector trends and opportunities enabled them to efficiently and effectively navigate our options, providing steady counsel and ultimately identifying the ideal home for the company, employees, and customers.”

Jim Weir

President, CompAlliance

“Bailey Southwell’s knowledge of the credentialing and healthcare compliance industries is unmatched. They served as steadfast counsel, evaluating potential strategic partners and ultimately leading us to symplr, the right partner who could leverage our robust credentialing software and CVO services to offer a comprehensive regulatory compliance solution for healthcare providers. I would highly recommend Bailey Southwell to healthcare technology companies contemplating a sale of their business.”

Mike Melville

CEO, IntelliSoft

“We could not have done this without the Bailey Southwell team. With their unparalleled experience working with healthcare cost containment companies, BSC knew exactly what buyers needed to see. They provided the expertise necessary to lead us through this transaction and, ultimately, helped us find the ideal partner. We could not be happier with the result and would highly recommend BSC to any owner seeking to sell their business.”

Amy Berg

President, Integrity Medicolegal Enterprises

Cooper Atkins Logo

“Bailey Southwell’s deep sector expertise enabled them to most effectively shape our go-to-market strategy, attracting the right strategic and financial buyers to the process.  BSC’s seamless execution ensured an outstanding outcome that exceeded our highest expectations. They are intelligent, knowledgeable, hardworking effective communicators, who were also a pleasure to work with and have on the team.”

Robert Nerbonne

EVP, Cooper Atkins


“It was only through the coaching and knowledge that Bailey Southwell brought to the table that enabled us to successfully complete our sale. At every step of the way, they advised us and guided us, always keeping in mind the ultimate goal for both entities involved.”

Stephanie Rozman

CEO, EvaluMed, Inc.

MorCare Logo

“As a former M&A advisor, I recognized the value of bringing in an investment bank with extensive industry expertise as a trusted resource when considering the sale of our company. Bailey Southwell demonstrated tremendous attention to detail and strong process management skills, which enabled us to achieve our goal of a successful transaction. I look forward to working with the Bailey Southwell team again in the future.”

Gregg Pollack

CEO, MorCare, LLC


“Bailey Southwell delivered exactly what every selling business owner covets – a smooth process resulting in a sale at a premium valuation to a buyer with the resources to fuel future growth. I was impressed with the transaction expertise and industry knowledge of the Bailey Southwell team.”

Ryan Roth



 “The BSC team brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to our side during the transaction process. They worked diligently to make sure everything was in order, leaving nothing to chance. With their assistance and advice we were able to identify market advantages that helped us maximize the value of our company when we went to market. Their partnership was truly invaluable. I highly recommend them as advisors to companies pursuing this most critical and important business decision.”

Melinda Hayes

CEO, M Hayes & Associates, LLC


 “Without BSC’s professional advice and proactive approach, we would never have been able to close our deal. There were just too many moving pieces for us to manage internally. BSC handled each and every unique challenge quickly and effectively. We highly recommend them.”

Phil Christianson

CEO, Payment America Systems, Inc.

phillips_machine_sm_logo “On more than one occasion, the professionals at Bailey Southwell gave me advice that actually resulted in a lower fee for Bailey Southwell. So many investment banks are only concerned about their fee. It is comforting to know that my bankers are committed to providing professional advice, in the best interest of the client.”

Tom Cushman

Co-Founder and SVP, Business Development, Phillips Machine Services, Inc.


 “I have been a satisfied client of Bailey Southwell for many years. From our very first capital raise, to a series of acquisitions and the ultimate sale of our company, they have consistently provided expert and objective advice. I was especially pleased when one of their senior professionals pitched in and served as CFO of my company during a crucial time. In the world of investment banking, I am thrilled to have forged a long-term relationship with such qualified professionals.”

Scott McQuigg

Co-Founder and former CEO, HealthLeaders, Inc.